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Lamps for NEC

Projector ModelLTI Lamp ModelWattage100% Warranty (h)Average Expected Life (h)*Data Sheet
NC2500S, NC3200S, NC340SXDC 7000N7000300500xdc-7000n.pdf
NC2500S, NC3200S, NC340SXDC 6000NL60009001100xdc-6000nl.pdf
NC2500S, NC3200S, NC340SXDC 6000N60006001000xdc-6000n.pdf
NC2500S, NC3200S, NC340SXDC 4500NL450013001500xdc-4500nl.pdf
NC2500S, NC3200S, NC340SXDC 4500N40009001150xdc-4500n.pdf
NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 4000NL4000900950xdc-4000nl.pdf
NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 4000N4000650750xdc-4000n.pdf
NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 4001N400015001750xdc-4001n.pdf
NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 4002N400010001250xdc-4002n.pdf
NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 3000NL300018002000xdc-3000nl.pdf
NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 3000N300015001750xdc-3000n.pdf
NC1200C, NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 2000NL200030003500xdc-2000nl.pdf
NC1200C, NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 2000N200025003000xdc-2000n.pdf
NC1200C, NC1600C, NC2000CXDC 1200N120030003200xdc-1200n.pdf

All LTI lamps for NEC digital cinema projectors are tested and approved by NEC. These lamps are optimized to maximize the performance of NEC digital cinema projectors


* Average expected life is a guideline to help determine how long a lamp can be operated under optimal conditions.  If the operating situation is not optimal, a shorter life can be expected. 



Non-optimal operating conditions include: