Lamps for Sony digital cinema projectors

Projector ModelLTI Lamp ModelWattage100% Warranty (h)Data Sheet
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 4200SL4200850pdf_icon_small.pngxdc-4200sl.pdf
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 4200S4200700pdf_icon_small.pngxdc-4200s.pdf
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 3000S30001000pdf_icon_small.pngxdc-3000s-1.pdf
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 2000S20002400pdf_icon_small.pngxdc-2000s-1.pdf

All LTI lamps for Sony digital cinema projectors are tested and approved by Sony.  These lamps are optimized to maximize the performance of Sony digital cinema projectors.